New Report: The Political Economy of Water Management in Yemen

wateryemAn acute water crisis looms over Yemen, a country ridden by water scarcity. To address this problem and prevent its further exacerbation, The Hague Institute published a report detailing the political economy of water conflicts in Yemen. Commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in Yemen, the publication offers insights and recommendations on how to deal with the threat of conflict caused by water scarcity in the country. Continue reading

Roundtable on the occasion of the report launch of “The political economy of water conflicts in Yemen

Thehagueinstitute_logo_cropOn Wednesday, 19 November 2014, The Hague Institute will launch the report “The political economy of water conflicts in Yemen” at a dedicated high level Roundtable in Sana’a, Yemen. This report is commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen and is written by a project team led by The Hague Institute. Continue reading

Water conflicts in Yemen

Thehagueinstitute_logo_cropThe Hague Institute for Global Justice, with UNESCO-IHE, Utrecht University, METAMETA, and Yemen-based researchers have recently completed a project with the aim to better understand the political economy of Yemeni water management as a precondition for effective conflict prevention and resolution. Through field research in three areas across Yemen, including nine case-studies, the project resulted in policy recommendations regarding competition over groundwater in highlands, conflicts over surface water in ephemeral rivers, and peri-urban competition. The final report will be available online soon.