Water diplomacy at Stockholm World Water Week

Thehagueinstitute_logo_cropThe Hague Institute hosted two events on climate and water at the jubilee edition of the World Water Week in Stockholm on 24 and 25 of August, respectively. This year’s theme ‘Water for Development’ coincides with the institute’s ambition to inform the negotiations and formulation of a new set of global commitments, including the post-2015 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, a climate change agreement, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Continue reading

New Jordan Valley ‘Marshall Plan’ brings hope for future Palestinian prosperity


A consortium of leading environmental groups released a Regional NGO Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley. They announced the action – the first of its kind – earlier today at a conference held on the Jordan side of the Dead Sea. The strategy is akin to a modern Marshall Plan; it aims to convert a toxic river and highly depressed economic area into an international model for river rehabilitation and regional stability. Continue reading

The Hague Institute participates in the Palestinian-Dutch Academic Cooperation Program on Water


Water scarcity is a major problem in the West Bank and, even more so, in the Gaza strip. The water resources are under increasing water stress due to a combination of factors, such as increasing demand, economic development, population growth, climate change, and water pollution from untreated waste water. The water sector should therefore be well adapted to the challenges ahead.

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New Policy Brief on Adaptive Delta Governance

Thehagueinstitute_logo_cropIn deltas, humans interact constantly and intensively in rapidly growing numbers with their ecological environment against a backdrop of increasing climate change impacts. How do governance systems, as a nexus of science, policy and society, cope with uncertainties and complexity in the socio-ecological system in different deltas? Based on an analysis of the governance challenges in three deltas, the recently published policy brief by The Hague Institute for Global Justice provides recommendations for improving delta governance. Continue reading